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Puzzles - January Edition

Puzzles – January Edition

James Wan, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

Puzzles - January Edition

Puzzles – January Edition

Emily Ky January 30, 2023


Puzzles - October Edition

Puzzles – October Edition

Emily Ky October 15, 2022

        Answers to the September Puzzles below:

Puzzles - September Edition

Puzzles – September Edition

Emily Ky September 22, 2022

Solve the maze!

Puzzles - May Edition

Puzzles – May Edition

Emily Ky June 2, 2022

Instructions:  A restaurant has had a mix up with the orders and needs help to determine who ordered what meal and drink. Using the clues, determine each customer's order. Susie did not have soup...

Puzzles - April Edition

Puzzles – April Edition

Emily Ky May 12, 2022

Instructions for picross: Shade in boxes! Number of boxes must match the numeric value of the column and row. For example, the first column must have 10 filled boxes and the first row must have 7.

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