Ava Barnum

happy accidents happen.

Something or someone you shall not seek.

But of what you will receive.

A hidden gift that you may not realize.

May be waiting right underneath your feet.

Moving to a new home as you land.

The heart, that carries so much weight.

The thought of new friends

and the urge for a new change

yet you still hesitate.

You get used to it for a while.

You become part of the crowd.

Going to football games and buying prom dresses that were out on display.

But you question why you still feel this way.

Months pass and you notice someone.

A connection forms

One that you never felt before

it feels kind of fun.

Encountering the first tenderness touch from them.

feeling the flush of blood run through your body on your first date.

Valuable things like this we all question if they  could stay.

Wondering if this truly is fate.

You now have a group of friends that fill your life with laughter and warmth.

you accept the life you have now, realizing it all worked.

startled what life has given you, you put yourself forth

unexpected occurrences, yet it still has more

‘why do you stay?’ and ‘why do I get to keep you if I do not deserve you?’

it replied in a dulcet tone, ‘why, I am your serendipity and that’s all I’ll ever be’