Phantasmagoria Hosts Its May Coffeehouse

James Wan

On May 12, CB East club Phantasmagoria hosted its second and final coffeehouse of the 2022-23 school year. The 29 performances totaled two and a half hours, featuring songs and poetry performed by some of East’s most talented artists. The decorations and dim lighting in the cafeteria provided a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the performers, their friends, and their families.

Mrs. Sebestyen, advisor to Phantasmagoria alongside Mr. Mussari, explained that the goal of the club is “to celebrate and highlight student art,” including poetry, visual art, and musical performances. Though the club began as a literary magazine, it now encompasses various artistic activities and serves as an outlet for student artists. Some events that were held earlier this school year include an art gallery and a poetry reading.

The coffeehouse was split into two acts, and a refreshment table provided the audience snacks to eat while watching the performances. Musicians performed a wide variety of songs, with some being energetic and others being slow and emotional. Six of these performances were original songs, and two original poems were read at the coffeehouse, showcasing the creativity and commitment of East’s artists. While songs received thunderous applause and loud cheering, poems were supposed to receive snaps, though some audience members still clapped to show their support anyways.

Mrs. Sebestyen, who read poetry with her son at the coffeehouse, said that her favorite part of hosting coffeehouses is “seeing students who aren’t normally the typical performers” that “get out there and show their stuff.”

Though performing may not be everyone’s cup of tea—or coffee—Phantasmagoria continues to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for artists of all kinds to express their hard work, including an online literature and art website. If you are interested in joining the club, you can sign up next school year or email Mrs. Sebestyen ([email protected]) or Mr. Mussari ([email protected]) for more information. They would love to see you at future events!