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Q&A For the Cast of Les Misérables

Q&A For the Cast of Les Misérables

Les Misérables is one of the most iconic and longest running musicals. Every line of dialogue is sung to tell an amazing story of an ex-convict, Jean Valjean. Les Mis takes place during the early 19th century in France. Where the main character, Jean, looks for a better future for him and his daughter. Along the way he meets a variety of different characters.

Let’s hear from some of the cast and crew of Patriot Players as they get ready to perform the beautiful story of Les Mis!


Sarah MacLean, 10th grade: Factory Worker #1, Master Guest, Revolutionary Woman, Wedding Guest, Constable, Chorus (Poor).

Q: How did you prepare for auditions?

A: “When preparing for auditions, I like to familiarize myself with the chosen musical first and foremost…once I get a good grasp on the plot, I tend to research everything about the viable characters…I learned all the audition songs for the female characters just in case I changed my mind, or in case they called me up for something unexpected… I watched videos of various performers’ interpretations of the songs and characters. Finally, I carefully and strategically selected my outfit and visualized auditioning in front of everyone the night before. That way, the next day was less nerve-wracking, and I could just enjoy the process.”

Q: Is Les Mis an intimidating muscial to perform? Why?

A: “Les Mis is a wonderful musical, but it is a massive undertaking. For one, Les Mis is what is known as a “mega musical” and is on the cusp of being a pop opera. This means it is almost entirely sung through with little to no spoken dialogue, so for the leads like Jean Valjean, you are pretty much constantly singing for the entire 2+ hours. Ensemble isn’t a walk in the park either, both singing-wise and logistically. Ensemble members are playing so many different characters at different time periods…I have about 6 completely separate roles that appear sporadically throughout…Overall, this musical is absolutely worth it, but requires a lot of work to pull it all together!”

Caeli Coyle (President and Dance Captain of Patriot Players), 12th grade: Madame Thenardier.

Q: How is Les Mis different from other musicals you’ve been involved here at East?

A: “Les Mis is technically a Pop Opera, so it’s all sung through. We have never done something like that in my time here at East. We are also going to have a turntable in this show! Having a moving stage is something that I have never worked with before, so I’m excited to try it out.”

Q: What are some things people should know before watching Les Mis?

A: “Les Mis is a show about sacrifice and redemption. It follows the story of former convict Jean Valjean as he tries to overcome his own guilt for past actions and protect his adopted daughter, Cosette. It is based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo and was first produced as a musical in the 80s. It is an incredibly moving piece, and I can’t promise that you won’t leave a little teary-eyed and inspired.

Santi Zarate Martinez, 10th grade: Marius.

Q: How do you prepare for auditions?

A: “By working over practice tracks both on my own and with my vocal teacher.”

Q: Is Les Mis and intimidating musical to perform? Why?

A: “Les mis is intimidating – at least for me – as it is sung through the whole way, and it is nerve racking to get the musical cues, notes, and words right.


It takes a ton of preparation and hard work to pull off musicals here at East. Wish Patriot Players the best as they get ready for the upcoming spring musical Les Misérables! Show dates are April 12-14!

Curious on how the cast of Patriot Players feel before the show?

Sarah MacLean: “I am so ridiculously excited because this is one of the best shows ever made, and I’m honored to be able to participate among all the talent!”

Caeli Coyle: “I am so excited to be performing in this show, it was the first show my parents took me to see when I was in 2nd grade. When we found out that Les Mis was going to be the spring show, I ran to my best friend Sophia Piechotta and just hugged her. We both exclaimed, ‘We are IN Les Mis!’ It’s so surreal to be in such an iconic show that we all have listened to and watched.”

Santi Zarate Martinez: I am always nervous before, but always manifest the best.

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