National Cancer Month

Courtney Juhasz, Staff Writer

April is National Cancer Control Month. Dating back to 1938, April has been dedicated to raising awareness for cancer treatment and prevention through the United States. With increasing education and awareness about how to prevent certain types of cancer and recognizing the signs of cancer early, we can have more people seeking proper treatment sooner and also continue to have the deaths from cancer to decline.

Ways to Support Cancer Research

There are many ways to be able to benefit the research and awareness of cancer treatment and prevention throughout the whole year. Donations to foundations who promote research can be helpful to support the scientists searching for cures. Some reliable organizations to donate to are National Cancer Institute or the American Cancer Society. For a more hands-on way to help there are volunteer opportunities, donating tissue, or participating in a research study. The American Cancer Society has many volunteer opportunities virtually or in-person to help support cancer research on their website: Volunteer (  To give back to those battling with cancer you could write motivating letters to a local hospital or help with everyday tasks that could be difficult while sick, like making meals or running errands for those battling cancer. Volunteering and donating can happen whenever but there is many events hosted throughout the year to get involved with the community and support cancer research. The American Cancer Society hosts many Relays for Life throughout the spring and summer each year in near counties likes Horsham, PA, Ambler PA, Bensalem, PA and more. You and your community can make or join a team, but the events are also open to the public to come and support the teams and all the cancer survivors.