Lunch and Learn: CB’s New Lunch Time Plan


Courtney Juhasz

This past school year, 2021-2022, Central Bucks School District has launched a new procedure for lunch time at its high schools: Lunch and Learn. This new schedule allots a 63-minute period in the middle of the school day for students to be able to practice their time management skills and budget their time as they seem fit. Students may meet with their teachers to collaborate to better understand material being taught in class, make up missed assignments, or simply connect better with their fellow peers and teachers. This Lunch and Learn time is broken up into two parts, Lunch A and Lunch B, assigning each teacher one lunch to have their own independent time. This structured but flexible time is very valuable for students as they can practice managing their time to better prepare them for their future whether it be college, the workforce, or another path; time management is an essential skill. Students can determine what is important for them to accomplish in this time and they can allot their own time to study, eat lunch, connect with friends, fitness, and other tasks to effectively use their 63 minutes.

As a student, I have found this new Lunch and Learn schedule to be very helpful and useful to be able to complete my assignments before going home from school and also being able to connect with my peers and eat lunch. I have found the most efficient way to use my Lunch and Learn time is to first eat my lunch and connect with my friends during A lunch and then use my B lunch to complete my assignments and study, in areas like the LGI that are reserved for students to be able to work independently in a quiet space. I have also found the 63-minute period to be helpful because of the easy ability to be able to meet with teachers. Having more flexible time has allowed me to be able to go ask teachers questions if I am confused on homework or make up a test or quiz that I missed, having this time has made having to miss school less stressful as there is more in-school time to make up assignments. Overall, I believe that this new Lunch and Learn schedule that Central Bucks has implemented is very effective in teaching students time management skills to benefit their futures while also allowing time for students to socialize with peers to grow their social heath and wellness. I believe that Central Bucks should continue with the Lunch and Learn program in the future school years.