Music Maniac: East Hot Takes: Spotify vs. Apple Music

Hello patriots, and welcome to East Hot Takes! Where YOUR voice will be heard! To get started, let’s introduce what a hot take is. A hot take is a statement that’s bold enough where people can’t help but share their thoughts. Usually, it is a controversial opinion that has no RIGHT or WRONG answer.


Everyone has their choice in what music platform they would like to use. There’s Pandora, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and many more platforms- the list is endless. The two we will focus on are Spotify and Apple Music. Realistically speaking, both platforms get the job done. However, this is not what today’s hot take is about. Today’s hot take is about which app is on TOP. Spotify and Apple music are both very similar. Both platforms have immense music libraries. Apple Music claims to have over 90 million songs while Spotify claims to have over 70 million songs, while having 2.9 million podcasts available. Apple Music on the other hand offers separate Apple Podcasts services. Besides the fact that Apple Music claims to have more music available, you are most likely to find the artists you want on either platform. The main difference between Apple music and Spotify is the aesthetics. Apple music has a bright white look with high contrast text. Spotify has a darker vibe. With black and grey as its main colors and neon green appearing occasionally. Ultimately, it comes down to the kind of person you are and what your preference is.


Two students were asked which app they preferred.

“Spotify is better than apple music because apple music costs money and Spotify doesn’t. I also like that most my friends use it too so I can listen to their playlists whenever I want. I also like the friend activity feature so I can see what music my friends are listening to.”


Do you agree with what this student said?

“I like Apple Music more than Spotify because it is more organized, and you can find songs in a neater fashion. You can easily make playlists and look for playlists without searching through your whole entire library. You can easily listen to songs and look at the lyrics without being interrupted by “facts” and advertisements. You also have full access to the entire library. You have ad-free, and on-demand playback. Overall, everything is more welly spaced out and is easier to find things.”


Is what this person said valid?


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