Club Spotlight: Gen She Club!

Courtney Juhasz

Generation She is an organization that is focused on building and leading the next generation of businesses and companies with a community of talented females. Their mission is to support and encourage women to be the future of founding and leading the businesses of tomorrow. But due to male-dominated industries with few opportunities, ambitious young women often have a hard time finding a community to support them with their goals. This is why Gen She is committed to giving young women access to a network of 16k+ professional women, career opportunities, mentorship, events, and funding. CB East is proud to have their own branch of Gen She at our school. CB East’s Gen She club was formed to give students an equal chance to learn about business and entrepreneurship and hear from those who are currently in these fields. Also, to form a community of students at East who want to build each other and support each other in their business journey. During CB East’s Gen She meetings we are able to connect with female business leaders via Teams and learn about their journey while also being able to ask questions. Also, during meetings we learn more about Gen She’s purpose and the opportunities they have.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining!