Staying Hydrated: East Hot Takes: Water is the best drink.

Angelina Fitten-Truong


It was clear which side was more popular than the other from last month’s hot take.

Spotify was chosen by the students at east as the better music platform over Apple Music.

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Staying Hydrated: East Hot Takes: Water is the best drink.

There are so many different and unique drinks out in the world. However, the one drink that has stirred up one of the most controversial conversations out there, is the simplest drink of all: water. Water has many benefits: improving your mood, keeping skin clear, keeps you energized- but does it really deserve the title of best drink in the world?


“Although water is the most hydrating and satisfying drink it doesn’t have an X factor or any flavor that stands out to me. A strawberry banana Body Armor on the other hand, is not only hydrating in times of thirst, but it also has a delectable flavor as well as a great smooth texture. It also has other health benefits that water simply cannot bring to the table.” -Jack Maio, sophomore at East

“Water is the best drink out there. Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night with your throat shriveling up from dehydration. In that situation, you’re not going to want anything else but a nice glass of cold water. Water has been there for humanity when we needed it most. Water just hits that one spot that other drinks simply cannot hit. When you’re hot, drink water. When you’re itching for something to drink but your parents don’t feel like going to the grocery store, the only thing that will be there for you in the end will be water. Water never disappoints.” -Angelina Fitten, sophomore at East.


Based on reading your classmates opinions on the matter, do you agree or disagree with what they said?