Midterm Elections…Who is on the Ballot?


Abigail Ritzman

The 2022 Midterms are upon us, and it is time to vote in Pennsylvania. Voting is a civic responsibility and a great way to be an active citizen. Before you vote, always be sure to research the candidates, their views, their experience, and their plan for office. Other resources for research can be found at the bottom of the article.

The election is on November 8, but who are we voting for? This year, we are voting for a new Governor, and a Senator to represent us in the U.S. Senate. Let’s find out who the candidates are.


Josh Shapiro (Democrat) is running for Governor of Pennsylvania. Shapiro is currently in his second term as the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and he is from Montgomery County. His main issues include improving the Pennsylvania education system, creating jobs, cutting taxes, and making communities safer. Once in office, Shapiro has a ten-step plan to protect elections, promote a more accessible ballot, and encourage voter participation. He wants to protect the environment and push sensible gun reform such as training and background checks.

Doug Mastriano (Republican) is also running for Governor. He is an Iraq and Afghanistan vet and a professor at Army War College in Carlisle.  He is running on a platform of improving Pennsylvania infrastructure, implementing pro-life policies, and protecting 2nd Amendment rights. On his website, Mastriano claims that he will ban transgender women from locker rooms and bathrooms and from playing girls’ sports. Mastriano states he will work with the legislature to abolish mail-in voting and remove ballot drop boxes.

Matt Hackenburg is running for Governor as a Libertarian. He is a former officer in the Army National Guard, but now lives in Northampton County and works as a computer engineer. His primary issue as Governor would be to pass Defend the Guard legislation. Hackenburg is anti-war, and this legislation will prevent the Pennsylvanian National Guard from being sent into international armed conflicts. He aims to protect the second amendment and believes that the free market will meet the demand for a clean environment.

Christina DiGiulio is an analytical chemist, running for Governor with the Green Party. She is from Chester County. DiGiulio is running on a platform of climate protections; she wants to end fracking and find sustainable solutions for energy.  DiGiulio wants to be sure that every vote counts, including votes for smaller parties, and wants to put a stop to partisan gerrymandering.

Joe Soloski is a retired CPA (accountant) from Centre County. He is running for Governor as a member of the Keystone Party. As a former CPA, Soloski’s main issues include fixing PA’s budget. He plans to cut the state budget by 5% each year – starting with his own salary. He, like DiGiulio, wants to make more room for third parties on ballots, and Soloski will introduce a ranked choice voting system. Joe Soloski wants to protect the environment, and he will do that by building more nuclear power plants in the state. He wants to implement sensible gun laws to combat violence in the state while protecting the right to bear arms.

Mehmet Oz (you might know him as Dr. Oz) is running for U.S. Senate as a Republican. He was the host of his own television program “The Dr. Oz Show” and was a physician at the NY Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center. Oz is running as a Pro-Life candidate, he supports energy independence, and wants to stop illegal immigration. He supports the Second Amendment and wants to “get tough on China.”

John Fetterman (Democrat) is running for U.S. Senate also. John Fetterman is the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and the former Mayor of Braddock in Allegheny County. His top issues include fighting income inequality, increasing wages and benefits for working class families, codifying Roe v. Wade, increasing protections for LGBTQ+ Americans, and protecting the right to vote. Globally, Fetterman wants to encourage international diplomacy and continue aiding Ukraine in fighting against Russia.

Erik Gerhardt is running for the U.S. Senate for the Libertarian. He works as a carpenter in Montgomery County. His primary issue is the economy. He wants to decrease taxes to the absolute minimum. Gerhardt’s primary international focus is renegotiating or even leaving NATO.

Richard L. Weiss is a member of the Green Party and is running for Senate. He is a lawyer from Pittsburgh and has previously worked for the federal government with USAID. Weiss’s priorities include universal healthcare, making the voting process more accessible, and switching to renewable energy sources. Internationally, he wants to focus on peace in Ukraine, and reducing the number of troops overseas.

Daniel Wassmer is running for Senate for the Keystone Party. He is a lawyer and a professor. Wassmer describes himself as pro-choice, anti-corruption, pro-work, and against surveillance state tactics. In terms of international policy, Wassmer aligns himself with the realist approach, and he disagrees with how the military industrial complex dictates military decisions.

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