Sweet Goodness

-Grateful Grams with Kindness is Contagious Club: Author Brooke Dougherty-

Brooke Dougherty

Club Members help make posters to promote the Grateful Grams!

When it comes to gratitude, they got it covered. Kindness is Contagious Club worked to kickstart the season of giving this past month with the launching of Grateful Grams. A cute way for students and staff to show their gratitude towards someone in the CB East school community with a quick note and piece of candy. And as the slogan projects, “It’s not a scam, buy a gram,” so, quite literally, it was a good bargain.

Sophia Scavullo, vice-president of the club, pitched the idea to the group and from there it was off. The club members and advisor Ms. Ritt, worked to prepare for the sale with a poster making meeting, announcements over the morning intercom, and arrangement of fun-sized candy bars. During the Lunch & Learn of Thursday, November 17th and Friday, November 18th, club volunteers helped sell the grams to go byers in the atrium.

Lexi Boss considers buying a gram for one of her friends 🙂

It was a fun-loving time watching people write notes to those that they were grateful for. As they wrote their notes displaying smiles, exchanging laughter, and recalling memories, each message held a personable touch that was sure to make the day of whoever was receiving it. Sophomore Sarah Daugherty wrote to her friend, “Thank you for always brightening my day!” Mr. Taylor sent a gram to his fellow co-worker Mr. Morehouse reading, “Happy Thanksgiving”, Mrs. Kellie sent two notes to her friends in the front office, and Bruce even sent one to himself! Listen, self-love is important, plus why turn down a fun sized candy bar? We appreciate YOU, Bruce!

There were many candy options when it came to the Grateful Grams!

Officers delivered the grams throughout the last days of November; it was a pleasant surprise for many who received a gram. And as novelist Ellen Hopkins said, “sometimes the littlest things in life mean the most.” And Hopkins isn’t wrong, because truly to those receiving those grams it created a positive hug to their day, it lifted their soul, and gave them that extra reminder that everything is going to be okay. Plus, even a little sugar kick which is sometimes all you need for a quick energy boost.

Kindness Members manning the table to sell the Grateful Grams!

But aside from the sweet treats and means of fundraising, the grams posed as a greater embodiment of the value of gratitude and just how monumental it can be when practiced. Especially during Thanksgiving and the holiday season, exchanges of thankfulness allow relationships to strengthen and for individuals to gain a better perspective of their fortune in the little aspects in life. The Kindness is Contagious Club hopes to reboot the Grateful Grams during Kindness Week in February. And if I can leave you with anything, well…it’s not a scam, buy a gram. Also, I guess gratitude is pretty cool as well 🙂